Food Consultation and Mentoring

What is this all about?
This special service was created to serve and assist. There is SO much pre-recorded food content and information out in the world and we feel it can become all too confusing.
We created this space to connect you with the food that your body needs by listening to you.

How does this work?
We work with your nutritionist, health coach, doctor or dietician to assist you with the implementation through cooking and consultation sessions.
If you are on a journey of your own and need some guidance, we can assist you too.
We combine cooking and consultation sessions to give you active cooking time, but also time to connect with the chef to have food conversations that serve you.

Add on services?
Our service is built around cooking lessons with add-on products to create a tailor-made service for you.

  • Online food safari: Shop with the chef. Instant assistance with products, labels as well as how to shop smart.
  • Pre-prepared meals: Let us prepare meals for you while you are busy training with us to prepare your own delicious and nutritious meals.
    Personal shopper: Allow us to do your shopping and have it delivered to your home when you are too busy.
  • Pantry planning: Spend some time with the chef to set up your prefect pantry that will serve your cooking needs.
  • Menu planning: Work with the chef to organize your dishes to create a meal plan for you.
  • Meal preparation: This works well for those busy individuals that want to cook in bulk and have food at the ready.

What to do next?
Book a complimentary 30 minute session with us to see how we can help you.