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Housekeeper Cooking Classes

Housekeeper Cooking Classes

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et us assist your housekeeper or domestic helper to prepare delicious and nutritious meals.  
Cooking lessons in the comfort of your own kitchen by one of our food professionals.  Cooking lessons can also be done at our Food Ink Studio subject to availability.

In-person cooking classes are offered in Johannesburg and Pretoria and selected date in Durban and Cape Town.  Classes can also be done online.

We understand that every household and family have their own dynamic and we try to create a training program that fits in with your daily routine.

We do not promote a "teach as much as possible in the shortest amount of time" culture. 
We value the learning process and understand that different students will handle information in their own way.  We strive to create lessons and provide content of high quality and train students to understand, remember and cook great meals.

What is included when booking a cooking course:

  • 30min Complimentary consultation with the chef over zoom.
  • A 2 hour or 3hour cooking lesson in your kitchen or at our studio with your housekeeper.  This will depend on the option you choose.
  • 3 Day Cooking course will be 3 x 3hour cooking lessons done over 3 consecutive days.
  • Food Ink Studio cooking lessons includes ingredients.
  • Recipe booklet and notes.  
  • Our chef will discuss all the recipes with you once you have selected a course.  We want to ensure that you are comfortable with all the recipes that we teach.
  • We can incorporate suggested recipes that you feel we should teach.
  • Recipes and shopping lists sent to you in advance. 
    Why? So we can use the ingredients that you already cook with from suppliers that you prefer.
  • Your housekeeper will be added to the Food Ink housekeeper support group for more tips and information.  

    What is covered in lessons and courses:

    • Every recipe covers a set of skills that can be used in the kitchen. 
    • Use of basic kitchen equipment, knife skills, measuring and mixing.
    • Kitchen hygiene, portioning and food storage.
    • Basic cooking techniques.
    • Travel calculated once you have booked for the course.




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