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These handcrafted essential oil clay diffusers are greart for localised aroma, specifically for small areas or personal space.  

Use it on your desk, next to your bed, favourite seat in the lounge, your car to diffuse your essential oils.   These diffusers use a simple diffusion process and is a safe way to diffuse when you have pets and young children.    

No cleaning required, no water required like traditional aromatic diffusers and easy to use.

This set includes 4 original clay diffuser tiles, 5ml Essential oil mix (1.5ml essential oil mixed with 3.5ml Sweet Almond Carrier Oil) and mini trinket bowl

Essential Oil mix available : Lavender (Calm)  

Mini trinket bowl available in grey and blue

We can customize the trinket bowl colour at an additional cost

All the pieces in our collection are handcrafted, they are not perfect and have slight flaws.  These flaws by no means impacts the aesthetic design or the purpose of the items.   

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