Text us at: 079 881 7456 or foodinkinfo@gmail.com

Text us at: 079 881 7456 or foodinkinfo@gmail.com

Our Services

Food Ink offers food and cooking experiences to all lovers of good food and brings these experiences right to your kitchen, table or town. Food Ink will make memories with you!
Founded by Chef Gerhard Koekemoer, former national events manager and resident Chef for Miele South Africa.
Food Ink brings people together and inspires them.
“Our missions at Food Ink is to teach, create and inspire through food. We try to create a relaxed environment where you can truly just be you” ~ Chef Gerhard.
In-home dining
Chef in your kitchen | Catering | Dinner parties | Food & Wine dinners 

In-home recreational cooking
We bring the party to you.  We set up and cook it up in the comfort of your own home with your friends. We cater from 2 - 12.
Let us add a wine pairing to the mix.  

Online teaching options are also available.
Chef will set up, via Skype, in your kitchen visit your pantry and get you cooking in no time. The perfect solution saving you travel time and fitting in with your schedule.

Food Ink Cooking Studio:
We have a Venue in Randburg called Fixit Health Hub fir fir recreational cooking:
Themed cooking classes | Dinners | Monthly events | Team Buidlings and cooking parties.

Out of Town:
Let us host a cooking class, pop up dinner or event in your town.  We travel to you!!!