Online classes:

Let us teach you in the comfort of your own kitchen how to prepare food that makes you happy.  We will teach you how to chop, slice and stir through those difficult recipes you have been putting off.  If you are new to cooking and want to learn a new skill, we can teach you a couple of basics. 

How it works:

1.  Decide your cooking needs.

2.  Book a consultation with the Chef.

3.  Chef sends a list of ingredients you can purchase or gather from your pantry.

4.  We cook together via Skype or mobile.

We can tailor make a package for you or you can choose from a list of options we already have available.

Teach me how to cook | Cooking for 1 | Healthy and wholesome | Veggie best | Vegan | Baking for beginners | Meat for beginners.

Pantry sessions:

Skype, Zoom or mobile chat with the chef.  Your pantry, your diet and your preferences taken into account to create recipes and give food suggestions that work for you.