Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons

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Cooking lessons to brush up on cooking techniques, learn new skills or get creative in the kitchen with the chef by your side.  
Do you need assistance with food preparation for your meal plan?
Are you on a medical meal plan?
Do you want to cook healthier for the toddlers?
Do you want to train your guesthouse staff or housekeeper or do you want to learn some new recipes and cooking skills?  
If you answer yes, please get in contact with us.

These IN HOME or ONLINE cooking lessons have been designed for you to get the maximum benefit from a single 3 hour lesson in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We have suggested themes or we can design a cooking lesson to fit your needs.

Enquire on availability in our schedule or book times with us that suit your schedule here.

What is included:

  • Recipe booklet and notes.
  • We practise strict COVID19 safety protocols in your home.
  • If you want to do this as a group - talk to us.
  • We teach in the comfort of your OWN KITCHEN! 

    What is covered in lessons and courses:

    • Every recipe covers a set of skills that can be used in the kitchen.
    • Use of basic kitchen equipment, knife skills, measuring and mixing.
    • Kitchen hygiene, portioning and food storage.
    • Basic cooking techniques.


    We adhere to strong safety protocol when entering your home in order to keep you safe.

    • Regular hand washing and sensitization throughout the cooking lesson. 
    • C-19 RoomGuard is an aerial disinfectant that is continuously misted into the air through a humidifier or diffuser.  RoomGuard kills bacteria and airborne viruses and is safe to use on the cooking environment.  We promote and use RoomGuard during the cooking session.