Basic Cooking Course (In-Home)

Basic Cooking Course (In-Home)

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A comprehensive course for young adults and novice cooks, teaching basic cooking principles and techniques to find your way around the kitchen IN YOUR KITCHEN.

What is included in this course:
  • A total of 9 hours training that can be divided into single lessons or full days.
  • Course material including a workbook and recipe guide.
  • All ingredients needed to complete this course.
  • Travel IN GAUTENG is included.
  • Certificate of attendance

Course layout:
Lesson 1:  Basic pantry management | Equipment | Preparation of Eggs
Lesson 2:  Potatoes | Rice | Pasta | Quinoa |Cous cous
Lesson 3:  Beef | Poultry
Lesson 4:  Beans | Legumes | Salads | Vegetables

Some notes:
  • The course can be completed in one day or in single lessons.
  • You have the option to include a Cooking Box.  
  • If you have a group of 6 we can create a custom date and times.
  • Full Day - 9 Hours
  • 2 Lessons - 4,5 hours per lesson

How does it work:
  • Book your course or enquire via e-mail, Whatapp or Messenger.
  • One of the team members will be in touch regarding course dates.

We adhere to strong safety protocol when entering your home in order to keep you safe.

  • Chefs are sanitized before entering your home using Hygiene Air sanitizers.
  • Regular hand washing and sensitization throughout the cooking lesson. 
  • C-19 RoomGuard is an aerial disinfectant that is continuously misted into the air through a humidifier or diffuser.  RoomGuard kills bacteria and airborne viruses and is safe to use on the cooking environment.  We promote and use RoomGuard during the cooking session.