22 October Studio Pasta making @18:00
22 October Studio Pasta making @18:00
22 October Studio Pasta making @18:00

22 October Studio Pasta making @18:00

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Join us at our Studio for a fun cooking experience.
We start the evening around 18:00 and we wrap up around 21:00 (What is a couple of extra minutes between friends?)

A hands on pasta experience where we teach you how to make fresh pasta and ravioli using a pasta machine.
Aprons, ingredients and all you need to create these dishes are included.
We have taken the stress out of cooking for you by providing easy to follow recipes so you can focus on having fun!

What`s on the menu: 
  • Dukkah pumpkin and cream cheese ravioli
  • Spinach and feta ravioli
  • Cashew nut pesto 
  • Fresh fettuccine 
  • Red wine Bolognese
  • Fresh parmesan
  • Truffle pesto
What is included in this experience:
  • Interactive pasta making session.
  • All the ingredient and special equipment will be supplied.
  • Aprons and recipes will be provided.
Some notes:
We leave the beverages to you so that we can take care of the food.  Feel free to bring some refreshments along.

How does it work:
  • Book your group or enquire via e-mail, whatsapp or messenger.
  • Our Studio is at Fixit Health Hub 

  • We adhere to strong safety protocol when entering your home in order to keep you safe.

    • Regular hand washing and sensitization throughout the cooking lesson. 
    • C-19 RoomGuard is an aerial disinfectant that is continuously misted into the air through a humidifier or diffuser.  RoomGuard kills bacteria and airborne viruses and is safe to use on the cooking environment.  We promote and use RoomGuard during the cooking session.