Coconut + Orange Rusks Baking Mix

Coconut + Orange Rusks Baking Mix

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Make your own sugar free rusks with a mix of flour, eggs, coconut, orange and Freesweet (sugar replacement). Easy to follow method included on the back of the label.

Our baking mix comes packaged in an eco-friendly, 100% cotton drawstring bag, that can be re-used or repurposed.

- Sugar Free
- Makes 3 Dozen
- Egg Free Option (add apple sauce)

You will need:
- Bamboes Coconut + Orange Rusks Baking Mix
- 1 Egg (or 125ml of Apple Sauce)
- 250g Butter
- 200ml Coconut Milk
- Zest and Juice of 1/2 Orange (or any citrus fruit of your preference).

Enjoy with:
Coffee or a cup of strong Ceylon tea. 

Wheat Flour, Salt, Ground Coconut and Freesweet (sugar replacement).

Store in a cool, dry place.